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Supplemental Lighting: Keeping Your Garden Lit All Year Round

by Alice Liu on Oct 27, 2022


  1. The Advantages of Supplemental Lighting

Winter is coming and with the long nights drawing in the most challenging times for outdoor growers have already begun. But there is help at hand!

With seasonal and daily changes to natural light, you can thumb your nose at mother nature and still get outstanding results.

Outdoor lighting for your garden

The Advantages of Supplemental Lighting

Meeting Your Plants' DLI Needs

Over the years, researchers and scientists have devoted whole careers to examining the relationship between light and plant growth. They came up with the daily light integral (or DLI) to establish how much light different plants need. This is calculated as the sum of the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR or PPFD) received by plants over the course of a 24-hour day.

Why am I telling you this? Well, DLI is measured in moles of photons (mols) per square meter per day. Generally, the more photons – or the higher DLI – plants receive, the better the overall quality and production rates of plants.

Plants need a higher DLI during the vegetative and blooming stages, so being able to guarantee a high PAR / PPFD with the use ofoutdoor grow lights is essential for getting the best results when dark nights or cloudy days are threatening to thwart yourplans.

Enhanced Spectrum Control

The benefits of providing a full spectrum of light to plants are well understood and accepted. Plants have developed under the full spectrum of our star, the Sun -so its not surprising that to get the best results a full spectrum is required, such as UV for developing flavour and terpene content and controlling pests, and Far Red and IR for faster, more vigorous growth and flowering.

With lighting thatdeliverthe right light intensityandwavelengths at the power needed for the DLI of your plants,the result will always be larger, healthier plants and higher yields when used as a supplement for those times when mother nature has otherplans.

Year-Round Production

Even in the dead of winter, ahigh-quality LED grow light can create the ideal growing conditions needed to grow more plants, faster and healthier - helping squeeze moregrow cycles into a year. And whether you're producing commercial quantities or more of an enthusiast that is potentially more money in your pocket as well as more money saved either way.

The Best LED Grow Light for Supplemental Lighting

As supplemental grow lights are all-weather affairs, the best lights need to offer protection from the elements as well as satisfying the power and energy demands of your plant DLI. This is where our SproutBoxx YD-XK LED quantum trays come in.

SproutBoxx YD-XK | Samsung LM281B Quantum Trays
SproutBoxx LED grow lights are designed to provide the perfect mix of light intensity and spectrum for optimal plant growth, and some of the most energy-efficient on the market. The YD-XK is no exception,utilising Samsung LM281B diodesto provide a PPE of 2.86umol/j (or 2.74 umol/j at full spectrum) and an outstanding maximum yield of 2.5g/W dried for up to 4x2ft coverage at 100W and 240W options. The 93% efficient Mean Well XLG LED drivers add more power efficiency, lowering energy use while delivering more light. Andonboard dimming and UV/IR controls allow for fine-tuning directly to the needs of your grow, with RJ-14 daisy-chaining that allows you to connectmultiple lights together on a single channel with just one connection to the mains.

Needless to say, the YD-XKs also have an IP67rating that means they'll handle anything mother nature throws at them, come rain, sleet or snow and can be depended on for the long-haul with our standard 5 year warranty.

So if you're looking for the best supplemental lighting you can get your hands on, well - you just found it!

Supplemental Lighting

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