Grow Like a Pro. 💚

Sproutboxx was founded in 2022 with the goal of providing high quality, affordable grow lights to everyone.

SproutBoxx grow lights are designed to provide the perfect mix of light intensity and spectrum for optimal plant growth, and some of the most energy-efficient on the market.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of indoor gardening, whether it's for fresh herbs, vegetables, or flowers, and we’re proud to offer what we believe are the best LED grow lights on the market, backed by a 5 year warranty and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you're a budding beginner looking for the best way to get started, or a seasoned pro looking for a better alternative to your current grow lights, Sproutboxx is the right choice for you.


Getting You Started

Let's face it, indoor horticulture can get complicated. And if you're just starting out it's easy to be led more by price and spin than letting specifications get in the way.

With SproutBoxx you get optimized, energy efficient full spectrum lights and grow kits that keep pace with your aspirations at an affordable price no other retailer can match.

Our YBXK, YC-XD and YD-XK series LED lights are used for commercial cultivation all over the world and feature energy efficient Samsung LM281B or LM301H LEDs, evenly high PAR coverage, industry-leading power efficient LED drivers, onboard controls, and network daisy-chaining functions that put you firmly in the driver-seat.

Custom Orders

Looking for something special? SproutBoxx can build you customized LED grow lights from assured and certified manufacturers.

Custom Orders


Best led I've used

I have the yc2000, it is a beast of a light. I'm only running it around 50% an has my tent glowing like the sun. This led also runs incredibly cool My tent has dropped 5° or more since installing it. Sproutboxx has been amazing, every question I've had was answered an always in a friendly manner. I 100% recommend sproutboxx!

Heather H.

The future

This pen does it all and I mean does it all. This is light weight super cool dewing but more importantly super accurate. This pen had risen my water quality via accurate reading wich I turn has boosted my veg garden health and growth. If you don't have this what are you doing??? IT'S A Must.

Anthony W.

Amazing quality

I orderd the sproutboxx Pro lit and wow. Just wow. The quality for the prices is unrivalled. The led light design is powerful but very cool. Also have uv and ir light switches. The eco thermal fan is out of this world. I am truly converted and this will be my only brand moving forward. And setup up was super easy and comes with a little care pack to aid setting up. Deffo reccomend 110%

Anthony W.

My fab starter kit

Absolutely 💯 percent love my purchase which I got delivered on time back in April, what can I say I will have such a great time doing my grow with this , its perfect and everything works like a dream 😊 but apart from it being the best item I've purchased in a long time I've gotta say that as a firm they've been fantastic and Richard has so gone way out of his way to help and provide a second to none brilliant customer service and experience, I Fully recommend to anyone wishing to buy from this site DO SO! You won't regret it and its a 10plus outta 10 from me.

Mark A.

Awesome Light!!

I bought a YD2000 and I'm very impressed! They (Richard?) sent it out to me from China and paid for the shipping. Took 5 days to arrive and arrived in excelent condition. It's a very powerful light and my plants are absolutley loving it! The timer is great too much better than the flip-up plugs ones I'm used to.